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For over half a century, GALLINA has been designing and manufacturing plastic glazing products that are recognized throughout Europe for innovation, quality, and durability. Now, for the first time, GALLINA USA is offering its full line of Polycarbonate products to architects, designers, fabricators, distributors and contractors in North America. Gallina’s Policarb® and arcoPlus® product lines provide complete glazing systems for your commercial and residential daylighting needs.  Our products offer practical applications for walls, roofs, canopies, skylights and any application where light, superior performance and thermal protection are needed.  We are proud to produce our material at our state-of-the-art facility in Janesville, Wisconsin. Gallina USA is dedicated to producing the highest quality polycarbonate on the market and providing service to the industry that is second to none.

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Going Green With Gallina
Keeping with the times and caring for our environment, Gallina has been at the forefront of Green manufacturing of polycarbonate panels used in architectural design and construction.
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Why Gallina USA

  • Because we produce our Policarb® and arcoPlus® right here in the USA
  • Because ‘Going Green’ with Gallina products can improve energy efficiency, uses 100% recyclable material, provide LEED credits
  • Because we have the best service in the market
  • Because we can help you with your drawings and technical questions
  • Because we have the widest variety of products in the USA
  • Because our quality is second to none and has been tested all over the world {i.e. ISO, CSTB, ASTM, and many others}
  • Because we have over 50 years of experience in extruding polycarbonate
  • Because no order is too big or too small  for us.  We will work with you regardless of your job size
  • Because we always have the time to listen to you and discuss your projects