What is Polycarbonate?


Multiwall polycarbonate is a lightweight material that is used in the construction industry to reduce building costs while guaranteeing compliance with loading requirements.


A key feature of polycarbonate is its transparency. Multiwall polycarbonate enhances daylighting when integrated into roofing systems, walls, and skylights.  It creates a more comfortable ambience while also ensuring good thermal insulation. Polycarbonate can be suitably tinted to modulate light transmission, optimize shading and thus reduce overheating inside the building.  Colored pigments are used to achieve pleasant color effects to satisfy the most demanding aesthetic and architectural requirements.


We supply an extensive range of products for use in the construction of translucent roofing and walls, skylights, fixed and operable insulated windows.

Our continuous research has led to the development of a series of steel and aluminium accessories to complete the range.

Our polycarbonate systems are designed to make installation simple and safe, and ensure compliance with most building codes.  Our products are all tested and certified for fire rating, loading and thermal performance.

U.V. and Hail Resistant

Gallina multiwall polycarbonate is tested to ASTM standards for hail impact to ensure against the most inclement weather conditions.  Gallina co-extrudes a high-performance U.V. coating  to our exterior surface to ensure optimal performance under prolonged exposure to the harshest sunlight.  Our products are also third-party tested and certified by ASTM standards for accelerated weathering.


Multiwall polycarbonate has a particularly high impact strength. Our products meet the requirements and safety standards for translucent glazing in public and private work environments.

An Environmentally Friendly Material

The process of extruding multiwall polycarbonate involves very low energy consumption and has a minimal impact on the environment. Polycarbonate is an energy-efficient solution and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.  The use of multiwall polycarbonate can also qualify for LEED credits.

Physical Properties

  • Density
    1.200 kg/m3
    (ISO 1183 – DIN 53479)
  • Water absorption
    ± 0.19 %
    (ASTM D570)

Optical Properties

  • Light transmission
    89 %
    (ASTM D570)
  • Refraction index
    (ISO 489 – DIN 54391)

Mechanical Properties

  • Resistance to tensile stress
    66 MPa
    (ISO R527 DIN 53455)
  • Resistance to yield stress
    60 MPa
    (ISO R527 DIN 53455)
  • Tensile modulus
    2.300 MPa
    (ISO 178)
  • Elongation at break
    150 %
    (ISO R527 DIN 53455)
  • Izod impact
    860 j/m
    (ISO 180/4A)

Thermal Properties

  • Application temperature
    -40 +120°C
  • Linear thermal expansion
    0,065 mm/m°C
  • Vicat (b/50)
    151 °C
    (ISO 306 – DIN 53460)