Use and Maintenance

Download / View Policarb® Installation Instructions(PDF)
Never store the material in a place where it is exposed to sunlight while wrapped in its protective film
Install the material with the U.V. protected side facing the exterior and remove the protective film after installing
Allow for thermal expansion of the material
Only use polycarbonate-compatible silicone if necessary
Use adhesive aluminium tape to seal the air cells
Use water and neutral soap to clean the surfaces
Use suitable hoisting equipment to handle the material


To clean sheets and panels we recommend the use of water and neutral detergent only.

Do not use abrasive products.


Only use neutral, polycarbonate compatible silicone for sealing.

Thermal Expansion

Polycarbonate is subject to thermal expansion of 0.065 mm/m°C.

When installing polycarbonate sheets and panels always allow enough room for expansion.

If anchoring systems are used these must consist of the specific brackets and connectors provided for each product.


Take all the appropriate precautions when handling the material to avoid accidental impacts and scratches on the surface which could spoil the material’s appearance and undermine its mechanical properties.


Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and rain to prevent any excessive build-up of heat in the packaging or the formation of condensation in the cells.

Do not remove the protective film before installing, but immediately after installation.