Glazing Treatments

IR – Natural Illumination without the Solar Heat

The control of the temperature and the management of heat are essential elements in maintaining a desired level of comfort within buildings. They are also critical elements for cost control and to maximize energy savings.

The products of the IR line absorb the part of the light relative to the infra-red rays (from 780 to 1400nm), blocking effectively the solar heat, while letting the solar light through. The result is a reduction of the internal transmission of heat and a reduction of the cost for cooling the area. In fact all the products from the IR line can contribute to reduce the temperature increase up to 25% while increasing the light transmission by up to 60% with respect to other window products.

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Caleido – The Freedom of Color with the Management of Light

The arcoPlus® panels and the Policarb® multiwall sheets can also be colored to modulate the light transmission and optimize the shadow effect thereby lowering heating costs. Our Project Caleido is dedicated to high performance architectural solutions for unique facades and coverings.

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AR – Better Distribution of Light while reducing Reflection & Glare

In situations where a high efficiency of light transmission within a building is paramount; The AR treatment will facilitate a better distribution of light while reducing reflections and glare.

AR, Orange Peel, and Reflecto Glazings are Available now, consult Gallina USA for more information.

IR Glazing

IR Glazing helps keep the temperature of a room more comfortable without giving up the advantages of natural illumination.