Going Green with Gallina USA

Keeping with the times and caring for our environment, Gallina has been at the forefront of Green manufacturing of polycarbonate panels used in architectural design and construction.

Although originating overseas in 1960, Gallina has been producing multi-wall polycarbonate panels in the United States since 2007 and added another extrusion line in Janesville, Wisconsin to produce our ArcoPlus® architectural panels in 2011.

Our polycarbonate sheet is made using between 10-40% recycled polycarbonate materials. The recycled material comes from regrinding scrap or damaged product and is then used in the production of new material as well as being sold to other polycarbonate manufacturers.

Gallina polycarbonate panels are 100% recyclable; at the end of their useful life, the panels can be replaced with new ones, while the old ones can be taken to the local recycling center to be ground and used in the manufacturing of new material.

Gallina does not emit any harmful toxins into the environment during production. We use a sealed water cooling system that filters the water repeatedly. This water is then reused many times before changing.

Gallina polycarbonate panels are an energy efficient alternative to glass. The multi-wall design of the panels offer a higher insulation value than glass and multi-wall polycarbonate panels are 200 times stronger and lighter than glass. Due to this fact, the structure required to hold the panels is considerably less than that for glass. Multi-wall polycarbonate is translucent and can let in as much as 80% of the visible light depending on the thickness, color, and structure of the panel. A building using polycarbonate in its design can use less energy during the day by allowing natural light into the interior.

The use of Gallina Policarb® and ArcoPlus® systems offer an innovative design idea to the growing architectural market for daylighting. Using multi-wall polycarbonate panels in interior design applications also improves the overall aesthetics for interior space while offering practical solutions for translucency in the workspace.

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