Corrugated Multiwall Polycarbonate Products

Modular system of corrugated UV protected multiwall polycarbonate for translucent curtain walls and roofing.

arcoPlus® 1000 is a modular corrugated system consisting of 3 coextruded polycarbonate walls, in 8÷12mm thickness, perfectly overlapping lengthwise and enabling continuous coverage and skylights filled gutter.

Considering the linear thermal expansion of polycarbonate, to avoid cracks at the through fixings the recommended maximum length is 5,000mm.


Production Standards

  • thickness – variable 8÷12mm
  • profile height – 80mm
  • structure- 3 walls
  • effective modular width – 990 – 1,000 mm
  • colors available – see page 11 of our catalog

Technical Features

  • Thermal insulation – 2.7 W/m2K
  • Acoustic insulation – 16 dB
  • Linear thermal expansion – 0.065 mm/m°C
  • Temperature range – -40°C +120°C
  • U.V. rays protection – Coextrusion
  • Fire reaction EN 13501 – EuroClass B-s1,d0
  • Accidental Shock Resistance – 1,200 Joule
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Easy and Low-Cost Installation

To ensure compliance with snow load and negative wind load resistance requirements, anchor brackets should be fitted for each purlin.

The polycarbonate panels are fastened to the underlying structure using specific brackets, which must be anchored to the purlins using suitable self-drilling/self-tapping screws (on metal structures) and tap bolts (for wooden structures). These screws and bolts are not supplied.

Different connector profiles can be used, depending on the required load specifications.


❖ Vertical windows
❖ Roofing


❖ High load resistance
❖ Longitudinal overlap
❖ Transverse overlap
❖ Thermowelded panels
❖ Light transmission
❖ Resistance to U.V. rays and to hail
❖ Heat insulation

Skylight - Single Panel

Load Resistance

Coming Soon

Skylight Gutter Ridge Application

Panels laterally overlapping insulated corrugated metal roofing panels. Thanks to the specific design of the profile the system is perfectly compatible for overlapping all the main types of panel.

Minimum slope 5%.

Continuous Roofing

Load Resistance of Multiple Panel Continuous Roofing System

Coming Soon

Application Non Continuous Roofing

Construction of continuous roofing/wall with continuous lateral overlapping of polycarbonate panels. For roofing, recommended minimum slope 7%.


arcoPlus®1000 is a complete system for the construction of translucent curtain walls/roofing. It includes a range of accessories that make it suitable for all purposes. In addition to complete fastening assemblies, the system includes a tongue and groove seal, a flat strip for sealing overlap areas, a range of steel profiles including bracing brackets, and a special press-formed profile to be inserted as a reinforcement on the groove side of the panel. For continuous roofing the panels are arranged with a continuous lateral overlap.

A flat ridge to place over the adjacent ridge profiles completes the range of accessories. Standard panels are supplied
with heat-sealed ends to prevent soiling inside the air cells.

Anchorage of Roofing

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  • 4234
    Aluminium cap with gasket
  • 4233
    Screw with 6.3×120 Vipla washer
  • 4229
    Tongue and groove gasket in PE-LD
  • 4250
    Gasket for gutter in PE-LD
  • 4236
    Protected steel profile
  • 4232
    Central bracing bracket
  • 4235
    Sealant tape
    PE-LD 20×10
  • 4231
    Roof profile
    (2 pieces)

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